Tuesday, May 15, 2012

new beginnings...

I am AFAA certified to teach group fitness!!!!!!  Wahooooooo!!!!  after lots and lots of studying (you can ask brett), it all paid off :)  when i started this journey i didn't expect to have to learn and understand what i call "science-y stuff" like joint actions, muscle contractions, anatomy, anaerobic and aerobic systems, etc. but i felt good going into the workshop day and this is certainly the outcome i wanted! 
part of this is because this is a passion for me (in particular yoga and pilates) and i would love to spread the love and health benefits to all.  also, it helps me stay with my darlin' baby boy Carter more instead of putting him in daycare for 9 hours a day. NOT that i'm hating on working moms but for what i was doing, it was not worth it....and i think/hope this is the best step for us right now. plans may change but we're making it work for the time being. 

SOOOOOOOOO.....for anyone in the savannah area or knows someone in the savannah area, i'm looking to fulfill requests for classes and times. i'll be teaching at the gym on hunter army airbase but in the near future i'd like to do a stroller exercise class for moms, prenatal and postnatal classes and maybe even a mommy and me class along with your stand yoga/pilates. email me at lindseychatelain@gmail.com for any questions/updates. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

oh what a night....

not in a good way.  we got a stroke of fluke bad luck.  it started with brett having to go to bed early b/c he had to get up before 5 for a work thing. yuck. ok nbd....i was changing baby boy before his 930pm feeding and boom! projectile spit up. what's the difference btw spit up and vomit? i don't know. maybe quantity? in that case...vomit. holy crap. change pj's, clean up, etc. crisis averted. start feeding smaller bottle than usually would just b/c of said spit up, and at both burps, vomit. hmmmmm.....ok, change of pj's again. throw in the towel. if he wakes up hungry (as per earlier post, this isn't the norm) i'll deal and feed him nbd. notice a pattern?  i try to be all "nbd" about most things. fast forward to 230am.  i'm deep in sleep dreaming about the grocery store and over the loud speaker this beep keeps happening. then i wake up...beep is still happening. it's not in our room....but it is. through the monitor? i look at the screen and carter is squirming and kicking and not happy. i go to his room and it's THE SMOKE DETECTOR!!!! low battery beeps i guess. are you serious?!?!  i think i've written this before..but my smoke detectors are against me. they always seem to blast "LOW BATTERY" while brett is deployed, i'm pregnant and all at different times and different rooms. so i grab carter, bring him to the pack n'play in our room....BRILLIANT on my part not to pack it up when we moved him to his nursery. brett is now awake, baby boy is gassy and tired and awake and hurley is awake. of course i am awake. and brett needs to get up in 2 hours. ARGGGGGG!
well, brett is tired but he got off on time. let's hope today goes better. NBD. The End.

Monday, April 9, 2012

i'm not saying....i'm just saying

we're sleeping through the night.  2 months old y'all!  i mean, even if baby boy regresses to what he was doing last week (which was sleeping from 930pm-430am, then until 730am) that's A-ok! but we're LOVING 930pm-630am! LOVING IT!!!!!  now let's not pretend it's all peaches and cream  honey and roses (i'm allergic to peaches) during the day.  carter is what i call "not great at naps". so what i'm saying is...if running around, entertaining a baby boy with a couple minor meltdowns during the week is what it takes....i think i'll take it! 

so how long until a fluke turns into a pattern?????  5 days???????

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ok...bearable.  I need organization. with baby carter's clothes now in the mix, i need more than just piles of dirty clothes piling up everywhere!  i'm a "whites with whites, darks with darks" kind of girl...who are you? brett is a "everything in the same pot!" and i'm not a huge fan.

simple but functional

functional...not very pretty
very functional...getting closer

oh sweet heaven. i need this. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012


has anyone else seen the EXTREME cuteness going on at GapKids right now??!?!?!  if i had a baby girl, i would be in.trouble.for.reals. y'all....check it out! GO NOW!!! buy your baby girl, niece, etc something so she can be the most stylish in daycare.

try to resist the other cuteness going on over there....you're welcome!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I've learned

obviously, we've been busy around the Erickson house.  baby carter came only a couple days before due date but i went in for a doc appt and then we had to go to hospital so it was unexpected to say the least!! it was probably better that way bc i had anxiety about when i was going to go into labor.  i didn't really know what to expect going in, so if anyone wants to know my experience, you can email me....i won't go into details here but it wasn't THAT bad. but here are some things i've learned :
1. i really did love him the second i saw him.

2. baby poop doesn't bother me. and neither does getting peed on by my little man. 

3. it's ok to ask (EVERYONE) for advice....sorry if i've driven you crazy. 

4. trial and error 

5. you can be both a "cry it out" parent and "pick him up when he cries" parent. YOU CAN BE BOTH!!!!

6. MY HUSBAND IS AMAZING!!!!!  he went in with little to no experience with babies and has stepped up to help me in any way i need. i love him i love him i love him! and i love this little guy...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

long time no talk

i was traveling the last quarter of the year for work A LOT....and then it was xmas....and then i realized i was 9 months prego and needed to finish the nursery. oops! i know, terrible blogger award goes to MEEEEEEE!!!!!! 
and i would LOVE to show you pics from xmas but my hubby took them off the camera and uploaded on his desktop which won't share the pics with me and ughhhhhh so i need to get them tonight and show you what's been going on as of late.
we are almost done with gummybear's room....i NEED...and when i say need, i'm serious....rustic wood to make shelves. wall mounted shelves to be exact. but you will see some pics verrrrrrrry soon :)
let's see....other highlights include:
1. brett ran the disneyworld marathon in orlando in 4hrs 5mins...SO GREAT!!!!  not much of a vaca since they don't let whales on fun rides but oh well.
2. work baby shower this weekend...so pumped!
3. mom came to visit right before xmas and got the ball rolling on nursery projects.  why can't i just decide to buy everything?!?!?!  DIY will be the death of me....
4. got a serger for xmas so look out for more handmade items!
5. oh, did i mention....BABY BOY IS COMING! y'all....less than a month. i think we're at 3 weeks now. holy &^@*)$&%(@#^$+!!!!!

stay tuned.....